YT Industries


YT Industries is riding into World Cup success and setting new standards in off-road cycling. The name stands for Young Talent, but youth – they believe – isn’t a prerequisite to finding your passion. “Over the last decade, I’ve realised that Young Talent has nothing to do with age,” explains Markus Flossmann, YT-Industries’ CEO and founder.

YT inject their philosophy, that Young Talent exists inside us all, into the brand they’ve built and every bike they make. “It’s never too late to explore your young talent,” says Markus. “It’s never too late to try something new and find your passion – even if the world says you’re too old to start, or not talented enough.”

In 2007, Markus ignored pressure to be ordinary and followed his passion, taking YT from a first run of 150 steel dirt jump frames to dominating the Downhill World Cup with Aaron Gwin and Rampage with Andreu Lacondeguy, and redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA.

Today, YT is over 100 people, spread all around the world from Europe, through Asia and North America, and beyond.