What We Do

We have extensive advertising, marketing, and digital expertise and will advise you on how best to meet your goals

  • We are committed to develop a deep understanding of your business and goals
  • We strengthen your brand by engaging with and building strong and lasting relationships
  • We're your domestique and will lead you through the maze of media to reach and engage with your customers
  • Everything we do is bespoke there is no 'one-size fits all' solution: everything is tailored to you
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  • Become the very best through marginal gains or a revolution, we will help you exceed your goals

Strategy Is Everything

We have extensive experience developing and implementing global communication strategies and building brands that are embedded into the fabric of the cycling industry. We will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business to formulate and execute intelligent strategies that deliver your goals.
  • Business Development

    We are your business’ domestique and will work hard to ensure your business is delivered to the finish line in prime position.

  • Brand Building & Development

    From brand launch through development or relaunch, we have the expertise to ensure your brand exceeds its potential.

  • Brand Consultancy

    We offer full or partial troubleshooting and brand consultancy services to make sure your brand is aligned to achieve your strategy.

  • Partnership Acceleration

    We will connect you to other businesses for mutual gain and will accelerate the partnerships to benefit both your business and theirs.

  • Sponsorship Activation

    Securing sponsorship is just the first step: activating it for maximum ROI and exposure – both paid and earned – is the crucial second step and our speciality.

  • Crisis Management

    With the right vision and management, we can ensure that a crisis turns from catastrophe to celebration.

  • Brand Strategy & Guidelines

    Formulating a rigorous and effective strategy for your brand will drive its development, while consistent Brand Guidelines will ensure the brand is represented consistently and correctly.

  • Digital Growth

    We will ensure your brand’s digital growth strategy is created, optimised, and effective: from SEO through social, website to apps, and beyond.

Knowledge Is Power

With over 120 years of collective experience working in international media and publishing, we have an in-depth understanding of how to plan and buy media that powerfully drives your strategy. Together with an industry-leading knowledge of pricing and media analysis we ensure that your media buy delivers maximum return on investment and unlocks additional value.
  • Print

    Whether in specialist magazines, in mainstream newspapers, or iPad magazines, we create stand-out media buys with unparalleled value.

  • Digital

    We can deliver both mass-market and enthusiast websites, apps, digital editions, and more with your MPU, takeover skin, expandable rich media panel, or bespoke buy.

  • Broadcast

    Television is a more accessible and effective medium for reaching new consumers than you might think. We can make it happen, and for less than you expect.

  • Video

    Video will deliver your product, your brand, and your message right into the mind of your consumers. We will make sure it stays there.

  • Outdoor

    From lorries to billboards, airships to shop windows and everything in between, we can engineer the space to deliver your message in a uniquely memorable way.

  • Sponsorship

    Creating, targeting and negotiating sponsorship opportunities with the right strategic partners ensures success and value for money.

  • Creative Solutions

    We thrive on overcoming the greatest challenges in order to produce iconic creative solutions. Nothing is impossible.

Engaging Communications

We’re a global business with specialist local knowledge that makes sure our work brings your brand closer to your customers – no matter where or who they are. We understand that it’s not simply just about about what you say: it’s how, when, where you say it, and to who. Yes, good communications get the job done but our work goes further. It engages.
  • Media Planning & Buying

    We plan and buy across all types of media, from print and digital, through broadcast, creative solutions, outdoors, and more.

  • Advertising

    We create standout advertising creative for all media to suit every budget, language, and market.

  • Creative PR

    The world of marketing and PR have changed. Our creative thinking will keep your brand and message ahead of the game.

  • Sponsorship

    From athletes to events, facilities to media sponsorship, we deliver the deals that will make the difference. Then we activate them to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Media Syndication

    We create content that travels and delivers a truly international reach.

  • Event Planning & Production

    From a press conference through to a major product launch or press camp, we will manage as much or as little of the event planning and production as you require.

  • TV & Broadcast

    Moving images are up to nine times more effective than the written word; we offer full-spectrum video, film, and online video services that deliver results.

  • Print & Publishing

    From books through brochures, flyers, and event guides to magazine projects and more, we deliver exceptional print/digital products, whatever your brief.

  • Digital

    From SEO through to creating and seeding viral content, app design, digital advertising, web design and build, and more, we will deliver your digital dreams.

  • Editorial Services

    We offer full spectrum editorial services, including: editing, writing, production, printing, and special projects.

  • Social Media Management

    We enjoy world-class social media expertise that can elevate your business’ social media activity to a whole new level – significantly increasing your reach, engagement, and following.

Strategic Creative

The purpose of creative is to deliver the strategy. No matter how beautiful or clever the idea, without a rigorous communication plan the idea will merely be pigment on paper or pixels on a screen. At SHIFT, every piece we produce is driven by its purpose, nurtured by ideas, and shaped into standout work that resonates with cyclists the world over, binding them ever more tightly to your brand.
  • Creative Development

    We will develop your rough ideas into tangible concepts, and refine those into final works that will capture your target audience.

  • Graphic Design

    Whatever your design needs, we will achieve the results you require, on-time, and on-budget.

  • Writing Services

    We provide expert full-spectrum writing services, from news and lifestyle, technical and consumer guides, to B2C and B2B, and beyond.

  • Digital & Web Design

    We deliver digital experiences that are informative, streamlined, and incredible for almost any budget.

  • App Design

    Apps are an increasingly ubiquitous necessity: we can conceive, design, and develop essential apps for your consumers.

  • Photography

    Our photographers produce outstanding cycling imagery, including studio and product photography, 360° spins, portraiture, lifestyle, and action.

  • Image Manipulation

    Besides re-touching and cut-out services, our image manipulators can perform literally any feat of image artistry. If you can dream it, we can do it.

  • Print Publishing

    We offer a full-spectrum print publishing service, from consultation, content creation, design, and printing, and of all formats and volumes – both large and small.

  • Digital Publishing

    We create bespoke digital publications from the ground up, but can also turn your print brochures into digital editions, too.

  • Advertising Creative

    Whatever the advertising medium, we specialise in creating impactful and engaging advertising creative that resonates with the consumer, whoever and wherever they are.

  • Videography

    Whether you need a broadcast quality advert or film, product showcases, lifestyle films, viral videos, or corporate films, we can capture the moving image and the imagination.

  • Logo Design

    We can take care of all your creative branding work, from logo refreshes through to wholesale corporate redesigns.

  • Specialist Creative Services

    We undertake many other specialist services to fulfill our clients’ needs, so if you have a project in mind, talk to us to see what we can do for you.


  • Intelligent Thinking

    Before we do anything, we think, think, think, and then think some more. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with smart solutions that are arrived at with intelligence, insight, and innovation. The result? We blow your anticipated ROI right out of the water – not sink it.

  • Specialist Expertise

    Cycling is who we are, our passion, and our life. With over 120 years of collective experience in cycling-specific media, publishing, sales, marketing, PR, digital and graphic design, and video and content creation, our focus remains laser-targeted exclusively on two wheels.

  • Deep Engagement

    With extensive experience of creating global cycling media brands, we know precisely how to reach and engage with cyclists of all types the world over. By threading your brand into their day to day lives we create lasting connections that make your brand engage deeply with your target audience.

  • Industry Insight

    From sponsorship activation to business strategy and development, our decades of industry experience and relationships shape our thinking and allow us to create truly effective bespoke solutions that innovate, excite, and resonate with passionate bicycle consumers and businesses alike.

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