Dario Esposito | Business Director

Having studied International Relations and Political Science my early ambitions were to work in that domain, and where better than the European capital of policymaking, Brussels? And that’s where I lived and worked for five years, gaining experience in both the public (European institutions) and private sectors – including calls for proposals and tenders in international development cooperation.

Driven by my passion for bike racing, I moved to Bath in 2016 to join SHIFT Active Media, where I was able to unite my love for pro cycling with my project management experience, and ultimately develop my marketing and PR skills. With everyone being extremely welcoming and being surrounded by everything bikes, I quickly understood that this was the place where I wanted to further develop and grow… and eventually I even started to enjoy watching and riding flat bars and flat pedals!

Having been made Business Director for the Italian market, I currently oversee all business development, staff, budgets and operations of the Italian business for both Play Sports Network and SHIFT, and I live in Rome.

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