‘Cycling Through The Pandemic – What’s Next?’ – A Research Report From SHIFT Active Media

The unique research takes a comprehensive look at what committed cyclists around the world are thinking and doing right now, under the shadow of COVID-19.

9 June 2020 – International cycling media agency SHIFT Active Media released a report last month, ‘Cycling Through The Pandemic – What’s Next?,’ which sought to better understand the behaviour of cyclists during the COVID-19 pandemic and to predict how its aftermath might play out. 

Whilst most industry data seen to date from the pandemic has focused on the increased participation in cycling, SHIFT surveyed 4,281 regular cyclists – principally road – across Europe, the US and Japan to see how they have been adapting during these unprecedented times and how they might behave next. This survey was combined with digital behaviour data and insights gained from tapping into SHIFT’s extensive networks in the cycling industry. 

The report found that the overall picture is promising for the industry moving forward. Despite the lack of live racing, cyclists are still hungry for cycling content. Indoor training has never been more popular, and although some have been forced to reconsider their cycling purchases, the vast majority still plan to keep buying cycling-related products. 

The findings are also a reminder that whilst we often focus on competition and elite racers, cycling’s ability to help us connect with each other and to support mental – not just physical – wellbeing is incredibly powerful.

SHIFT’s report was also presented in a webinar by its lead author, Doug Baker, Head of Strategy & Research at SHIFT Active Media, and attended by a wide range of industry leaders. An introduction to the presentation was given by Wayne Brown, Managing Director at Play Sports Group.  

A copy of the report can be requested by contacting webinar@SHIFTActivemedia.com

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