Matt Skinner

Content Director

Matt brings his decade of magazine planning, management, editing and writing experience to bear to ensure that your creative projects deliver, on time, and on budget – every time.

He joined SHIFT following a 10-year career as a mountain bike journalist; chiefly as Editor of What Mountain Bike magazine but also on Mountain Biking UK magazine. During this time, Matt emerged as one of the foremost journalists in his field. Prior to this, he was editing and launch editing a variety of consumer titles across BMX and other specialist interest markets.

Matt brings a wealth of editorial creativity and expertise – including an instinctive understanding of magazine craft and the modern media world – together with strong relationships in the off-road market, and a passion for all things two-wheeled. He has been mountain biking rabidly for 22 years, holds a degree in english and sport science from Loughborough University, and commutes on his ‘cross bike on a daily basis.

Images © Seb Rogers & Joolze Dymond.