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Gravity Range Launch

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Gravity Range Launch

Continental Tires

Gravity Range Launch


Continental reconfirmed its commitment to MTB in 2019 with the launch of Gripology and the high profile sponsorship of the Atherton DH team. But in the background, Continental had already set about developing a completely new range of MTB tires from the ground up, aimed squarely at the gravity market. It was our job to support the launch, from identity creation right through to delivering an integrated launch campaign for global MTB media and riders.


Using our extensive research in the MTB tire market we were able to identify that riders in the category believe that grip is an essential factor in enabling them to achieve their potential on a bike, and that Continental had a gap to close in this area vs their key competitors. However, we also identified that Continental had a heritage in engineering, innovation and design that was second to none, and when this was combined with real world testing in the hands of elite riders Continental could uniquely claim that they had taken MTB grip to the next level.


Building on Continental’s Gripology philosophy we developed a campaign and activation plan that dramatised the unique, gravity-fuelled range. Highlighting that the range had been developed from ground up, molecule by molecule, tested by the world's best athletes, to make a range that was suited to every condition and every rider. Encapsulated in the line - Grip to push your limits.


We wanted to showcase the new range with the world’s top tier MTB media , so we created a unique launch event that brought Continental, global journalists and elite riders together at Dyfi bike park to hear the full development story, and then immediately try the new product alongside the athletes who help test and perfect them on the very same trails. As well as leading to global wide-spread coverage, we also captured content that would be used to fuel the consumer launch on owned and partner social channels. Finally, the full range was launched to riders around the world, using paid social media advertising featuring our animated hero film. This was further enhanced by a co-ordinated push by Continentals teams and ambassadors.


At the time of the launch the campaign hit full surround sound, the new tires were hitting MTB riders in every channel - from Pinkbike to MTB News, from GMBN to Enduro Magazine. In the first month following the product launch, 84 articles were published across international mountain biking media with an estimated readership of 2.9 million and potential audience reach of 21.9 million. Via the @Conti_MTB instagram account we delivered over 1m impressions and 50K+ interactions, reaching over 660,000 accounts via an MTB-focused boosted post campaign - we also enjoyed 10%+ follower growth throughout the period of the campaign.





We had a blast working with SHIFT Active Media for Continental's Gravity tire launch. We appreciated fast responses and information... we are looking forward to the next projects we work on together!

Michael Biernoth

Editor, MTB News