Finding a new angle for high-end components

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Finding a new angle for high-end components


Finding a new angle for high-end components


Launch the new CADEX 50 Ultra Wheelsystem by standing out in a cluttered and visually homogeneous high-end component category.


The 50 Ultra Wheelsystem is designed to beat the competition in aero performance, weight, stiffness and overall efficiency. Every aspect is engineered to minimize drag, no matter the course profile. Many of CADEX’s competitors can boast wheels being raced at the highest level in the World Tour and CADEX is no different. However, given the real-world performance gains at all levels of racing, and the huge and often untapped crit racing scene globally, there was an opportunity to speak to the CADEX audience in a new, differentiating way and bring attention to a different community of racers.


SHIFT entered into concept development centered around grassroots competition, the pleasure it brings, the community it garners and most crucially the raw, competitive nature of crit racing. It was the perfect environment to demonstrate the speed that the CADEX 50 Ultra Wheel System can deliver.

SHIFT and CADEX had a mutual friend in UK crit racer and brand ambassador, Duke Agyapong; so we planned a video and stills shoot following not just his race at Hog Hill, but his journey to it.


We created a long-form video and accompanying photography showing the narrative of the entire race day, encapsulating the concept entitled “Aero Unlimited”. This was supported by 15s cutdowns focusing on product benefits, and a 60s mobile first walkthrough of Duke’s bike setup. Once the product was launched, owned channel static creative in the form of social and website assets were delivered to drive consistency throughout every campaign touchpoint.

It’s really great how this came together, especially in such a short period of time. I especially like how we’ve been able to establish a subtle and compelling narrative while still highlighting some top-shelf product. A great direction for CADEX.

Ewan Campbell

Global Product Marketing, CADEX