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Return of the Goat

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Return of the Goat


Launch the Capra MKII in a way that creates intrigue and excitement for the new model, while also building on YT’s unconventional reputation.


YT Industries recognise that most bike launches follow a familiar pattern, yet mountain bike riders’ bike choices are often an extension of their own personalities. They want to show themselves as standing out from the crowd.


Embody the personality of Capra in the shape of a mysterious hero, on a mission to ensure that riders everywhere appreciate the new bike’s astonishing superiority.


We created the 12-minute ‘Return of the Goat’ film, which was supported by movie posters, teasers, a trailer, a press-only premiere and a unique press pack. This was all underpinned with hardworking display, search and riding footage with YT’s elite athletes.


The numbers generated in the first 48 hours were incredible: 2,500,000 impressions; 146,000 YouTube views; 28,000 social interactions and 6,280 shares! The SHIFT-managed campaign delivered 1 year & 63 days of watch time in the first 7 days and optimally placed display and search ads with a combined CTR of 7%.




YouTube views


Social interactions



Working with James and the team at SHIFT took this epic shoot to the next level.

Andreas John

Creative Director, YT Industries