Brand Relaunch

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Brand Relaunch


Brand Relaunch


A simple-sounding brief with a massive challenge: to accelerate the growth of the number of Zwift users, while relaunching the brand identity and ultimately changing attitudes towards indoor cycling.


There was a core global audience who lived and breathed cycling. However, our research identified that large volumes of this audience who were likely to benefit from indoor training, especially those who were ‘time-crunched', were confused, intimidated or uninspired by the indoor cycling category.


Leading with brand-focused content, our communications strategy helped reposition indoor cycling with Zwift, moving it away from being a necessary evil, by bringing to life its 'serious training that is serious fun' brand promise. This was further supported by ‘enabling content’ to bust the various myths encountered on the customer journey – and all of this was underpinned by hardworking acquisition comms.


We matched SHIFT’s audience insight with market-leading ad tech to deliver optimised digital campaigns and remarketing activity in video, social and display. A partnership programme was forged with specialist publications to create third-party endorsement content, primed for search.


In the three months after the relaunch subscriptions had nearly doubled. In the same period Cost Per Download decreased by 32.56%, while CTRs on SHIFT creative were up 47%.