Diversity Statement

Understanding every cyclist requires diversity.

SHIFT Active Media is committed to diversity and equality in our workplace. We are proud of our open, inclusive and collaborative culture and we welcome everyone, from all backgrounds, to our business.

As a cycling specialist agency, we recognise that there is no one typical bike rider, which is why we believe it's critical that we understand all cyclists. Not just a narrow definition, but a wide and diverse view of cyclists, who come from all walks of life, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. To do this better, we strive to create a workforce that represents and reflects the true diversity of cycling from the Pro Peloton to the casual leisure rider. That's why we welcome people from all backgrounds - your ability, motivation and passion is what matters to us.

If you wish to apply anonymously, feel free to put 'anon' in the name fields of your application. You can also remove your name, date of birth and any photographs from your CV if you prefer. If you'd like to read the Play Sports Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy you’ll find it here.