Tour de France

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Tour de France


To build credibility among cycling enthusiasts globally. As Zwift scaled, the ambition to maintain growth demanded new approaches. Reaching beyond Zwift’s core demographic of competitive cyclists to a more mainstream enthusiast, required an entirely new layer in our media planning.


We knew that Tour de France audiences would enable us to reach a wider target who infrequently engage with core cycling media, but who we typically identified as an active road cyclist. Not only would TdF content offer us audiences at scale, but it also gave significant brand credibility to those less familiar with Zwift.


Not an official race sponsor, our objective was ownership of media that surrounded coverage of this iconic event. Alignment via integrated partnerships would deliver credibility worldwide, and build awareness and product understanding during the summer, that would be later converted into subscriptions during the indoor training season.


To reach Zwift’s core markets comprising USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Australia, we carefully planned spot and sponsorship packages with the major TdF broadcasters in these territories. This was supported by ad and content packages with endemic media that would be the most popular sources of TdF fan news, such as Cyclingnews, Cycling Weekly, BikeRadar, and CyclingTips.


The Zwift TdF campaign saw a 270% increase in website visits, of which 80% were brand new visitors. This also delivered a 100% increase in YOY subscriptions, and a 40% increase in merch revenue.


Website Visits


YOY Subscriptions


Merchandise Revenue