Olympic Track Bike launch

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Olympic Track Bike launch


Olympic Track Bike launch


SHIFT’s PR team were tasked with the exciting launch of British Cycling’s new Olympic and Team GB track bike, by its manufacturer Hope Technology – to gain coverage in the UK and beyond in cycling and significantly broader-reach media.


Hope are widely respected within the world of mountain biking but not so well known outside it. As SHIFT and Hope worked together with key partners and contacts, this project marked an important point at the beginning of Hope’s journey from core MTB brand into the road sector.


It’s rare within the world of cycling to get to work on a subject that carries such national interest and importance. Beyond PR management and coverage the task was to maximise the project's benefits to Hope, as the key stakeholder in a four-way partnership that brought the bike from concept through to manufactured reality.


SHIFT created a phased launch campaign, and all of the assets required to support it – from amazing action and studio photoshoots to motion graphic social media teaser videos. Carefully-crafted media communications and leveraged relationships ensured amazing coverage for Hope across digital, print, audio and broadcast media.


It was one of the most talked about bike launches of the year garnering:

  • 80+ specialist clippings (online/ print), with 3.5 million impressions.
  • Cycling media coverage including BikeRadar, CyclingTips, Cycling Weekly, Road.cc & GCN with factory tours.
  • Mainstream media coverage included BBC, FT.com, Telegraph, Reuters and T3!
  • B2B coverage including Sport Industry News, Endurance Business, Cycling Industry News and Bicycle Retailer.
  • Grand launch stage event at London’s Rouleur Classic.

Coming from an MTB background we knew there would be difficulties engaging with press and customers from other genres of cycling. Shift brought a huge breadth of media to our launch and ensured that the HB.T bike couldn’t be missed in the global press.

Alan Weatherill

Sales and Marketing Director