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Grow with Meta Summit, London.

Grow with Meta Summit, London.

Last week the team headed to London for the "Growing With Meta" event. Where they heard from them about how to best utilise Meta’s $18b worth of AI microchips…

The session focused on leveraging AI for brand growth through automation, performance media campaigns and creative development. All while emphasising the importance of a robust measurement framework.

Key takeaways included:

📉A predicted 25% decrease in search engine traffic by 2026 due to virtual agents being integrated further into our day to day lives

📈The dominance of social media as the primary discovery channel for new brands, overtaking search - this aligns with survey data of cyclists carried out by the Rider Research Hub

✅Meta's response to advertisers concerns around lack of control in their AI fuelled campaigns by introducing options to aid control like value-based bidding, greater creative control and placement exclusions

𝌹Measurement continues to be more important than ever with the cookieless world nearing - companies that invest in improved measurement capabilities are 44% more likely to exceed revenue goals vs low maturity brands

And lots more. Pleased to see that the SHIFT media team have already adopted many of the advanced practices that were being recommended.

But learning and testing never stops, so the team, who are recognised Meta Marketing Partners are looking forward to testing the newest features that were revealed and promised for the near future.

Want to learn more and how to use this info? Drop Tom, our Head of Media and SEO a note to if you need some support.

Grow with Meta Summit, London.
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