Continental Tires


  • Influencer Management
  • Campaign Development
  • PR
  • Stills & Video Production


Develop a campaign that will cause reappraisal of Continental Tires’ MTB range tires, focusing on ‘Grip’ as the key differentiator.


Continental had no centralised global media budget for a traditional campaign, however, they did sponsor some of the best mountain bike riders in the world – and these riders had huge, super-engaged fan bases, who could be employed to authentically tell Continental’s MTB story.


SHIFT devised and ran a co-creation campaign with 12 of the world's best MTB riders and influencers. They were briefed with bringing to life their interpretation of Continental’s ‘Grip’, under SHIFT’s creative platform of #gripology.


The ambassadors’ Gripology films were premiered at Sea Otter, to an avid MTB audience. The stars of each film then took to the stage on the Conti stand, taking part in an epic Q&A which was streamed across @Conti_MTB. Later that day all the individual films were then rolled out across each athlete and influencer’s channels – hugely magnifying the reach.


Between the 12 athletes, 232 Gripology-related posts were recorded between April and May 2019 – during which period the Conti_MTB Instagram grew by a total of 6,471 followers. There were more than 50 posts featuring #Gripology which were interacted with 607,398 times, attracting 1,823,322 views across all the athlete Gripology series films.


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