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SHIFT Active Media's fresh new identity

SHIFT Active Media's fresh new identity

Hello to the 'data driven marketing experts for cycling and the great outdoors'

Last week marked a significant milestone for SHIFT Active Media.

We launched our latest campaign for Crankbrothers, introducing their new Candy Gravel Shoes, which coincided perfectly with Sea Otter Classic week. During this fairly crazy period, we were thrilled to announce our new partnership with Life Time. As their global PR and on-site press office, our collaboration debuted at the Life Time Sea Otter Classic, the first flagship cycling event of the season, continuing through Unbound Gravel and the broader Life Time Grand Prix series, and beyond.

Next, we were 'all in' at Sea Otter itself, and at both the Outdoor Summit and the Festival, our team was in full effect. We took Uplift stateside and brought great energy there while Doug Baker revealed our unique research 'Decoding the Difference: How cycling & outdoor enthusiasts overlap and differ across markets, genders, and mindsets.'

Oh, and then we revealed our fresh new identity, as data driven marketing experts dedicated to cycling & the great outdoors. Check out the website and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about the Summit presentation and more.

And to quote our CEO, 'Impressive job by the team this week. It's always a pleasure and privilege to work with this incredible team, but last week it was extra good.

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SHIFT Active Media's fresh new identity
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