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Uplift Live Goes Stateside: Female Industry Talent Set to Take Centre Stage at 2024 Sea Otter Summit

Uplift Live Goes Stateside: Female Industry Talent Set to Take Centre Stage at 2024 Sea Otter Summit

Senior leaders from the cycling and outdoor industry will explore key challenges facing female talent retention, plus present all-new research critical for diverse recruitment. Limited tickets remain for 2024’s Summit; including premium networking experiences in one of California’s most iconic coastal settings.

2024’s Sea Otter Classic Summit is set to ignite transformative conversations around gender-diverse talent retention, recruitment and the benefits this brings to cycling and outdoor businesses.

Uplift, the industry-first mentoring programme for women in the cycling industry, is set to bring together senior leaders from across the outdoor sector - live in the USA for the first time. Led by Rachael Burnside, Uplift Founder, the session will dissect the pressing themes that have emerged from the initial phases of the Uplift mentorship programme, with the goal of propelling the industry to a more inclusive, sustainable future for all genders.

Encompassing a panel discussion and presentation of the results of a bespoke research project gathering insights from global industry leaders, the session will spark vital discussions of women’s representation in the outdoor industry. By exploring the growth opportunities inherent in diverse company cultures that welcome varied perspectives, opinions and ideas, business leaders of all genders will be able to foster growth in an industry where every voice is considered and celebrated.

Panellists include:

  • Nicole Handel, Marketing Director at MAMMUT Sports Group AG
  • Kate Veronneau, Director of Women's Strategy, Zwift
  • Michelle Duffy Smith, Senior Marketing Director, Life Time Inc.
  • Celia Camargo, Director of Community and Purpose, GU Energy Labs

The Uplift panel joins a roster of industry leaders including Life Time CEO and Founder Bahram Akradi; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Industry Executive, Tia White; and SHIFT Active Media Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Baker.

Rachael Burnside, Uplift Founder and Head of Marketing and Growth, SHIFT Active Media, said: “The reception Uplift has received from the cycling industry in the UK and Europe has been incredible, I can’t wait to host a selection of our industry-leading mentors and bring Uplift to North America. Our aim is to foster an ongoing conversation about women's role in the cycling industry and meaningful discussions on how we can make the industry more welcoming, retain our talent and ultimately grow the sport at an international scale.

“In line with the theme of this year’s Summit - A Healthy Way of Life, It’s Good For Business - our session will outline how a healthy, happy and diverse team will bring opportunities that are truly fantastic for business growth and ongoing relevance, thanks to the varied perspectives, opinions and ideas that diversity brings.”

Nicole Handel, Marketing Director, MAMMUT Sports Group AG, said: ”The opportunity to share and exchange candid industry experiences with other female-identifying outdoor enthusiasts is rare yet crucial; the opportunity to seek mentorship of the same sort is even more rare. I’m excited to be involved in the work that Uplift is doing to create a space for these kinds of conversations.”

Taking place in Monterey, CA, on the evening of Tuesday, April 16 and all day Wednesday, April 17, Life Time’s Sea Otter Classic Summit will deliver unmatched opportunities for cycling and outdoor industry stakeholders and leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and catalyze growth in 2024.

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Uplift Live Goes Stateside: Female Industry Talent Set to Take Centre Stage at 2024 Sea Otter Summit
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