Dedicated to cycling SHIFT is the first truly international communications agency dedicated to cycling and tri-sports

Strategy Is Everything Here

We have extensive experience developing and implementing global communication strategies and building brands that are embedded into the fabric of the cycling industry. We will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business to formulate and execute intelligent strategies that deliver your goals.

  • Business Development

    We are your business’ domestique and will work hard to ensure your business is delivered to the finish line in prime position.

  • Brand Building & Development

    From brand launch through development or relaunch, we have the expertise to ensure your brand exceeds its potential.

  • Brand Consultancy

    We offer full or partial troubleshooting and brand consultancy services to make sure your brand is aligned to achieve your strategy.

  • Partnership Acceleration

    We will connect you to other businesses for mutual gain and will accelerate the partnerships to benefit both your business and theirs.

  • Sponsorship Activation

    Securing sponsorship is just the first step: activating it for maximum ROI and exposure – both paid and earned – is the crucial second step and our speciality.

  • Crisis Management

    With the right vision and management, we can ensure that a crisis turns from catastrophe to celebration.

  • Brand Strategy & Guidelines

    Formulating a rigorous and effective strategy for your brand will drive its development, while consistent Brand Guidelines will ensure the brand is represented consistently and correctly.

  • Digital Growth

    We will ensure your brand’s digital growth strategy is created, optimised, and effective: from SEO through social, website to apps, and beyond.

How we do it

  • Cycling Passion

    Passionate about all things bikes, we’re the agency behind the world’s largest and fastest growing cycling media brand in the world, with an exceptionally ardent and engaged audience. We hire people who both share the consumers’ mindset and speak the language of the industry. They love what they do – for all our staff it’s more than just a job, it’s truly their passion.

  • World-Class Leadership

    Our leadership team have unrivalled experience in the industry and have been cyclists even longer. They have built international businesses, launched companies and have worked with and for some of the biggest brands on the planet. They all combine their love of cycling with their deep understanding and experience of media, content, data and the technology required to develop brands, services and products.

  • Our Network

    We’re a global business with specialist local knowledge and relationships that deliver more. You don’t just get an individual or even our team; you get access to our ‘hive mind’ and our collective black book. We’re deeply embedded with the movers and shakers of the cycling industry, as well as the key digital and eCommerce companies, including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Experience Planning

    Experience planning is fundamental to any project. Our analysis of data, specific research and our own understanding of user journeys form detailed consumer experience maps. Our flexible processes improve the speed and efficiency of the journey for your customers – to ultimately increase affinity, loyalty and advocacy for your brands, driving awareness or sales, and hitting your targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Let’s talk

To find out what we can do for you, just call or email. We’ll do the rest.
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