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Zwift - Establishing A New Cycling Behaviour

The Task/Objective – Accelerate the growth of Zwift users, whilst relaunching the brand identity and, ultimately, changing attitudes towards indoor cycling.

Cycling Insight – Our core audience lived and breathed cycling and were willing to try new things, but they were ‘time-crunched’, confused and intimidated by the indoor cycling category.

Our Solution – Leading with brand content, our communications strategy repositioned indoor cycling with Zwift. Moving it from necessary evil, to serious training that is seriously fun. This was further supported by ‘enabling’ content that aimed to bust the myths at key points in the customer journey. Everything was underpinned by hardworking acquisition comms.

The Experience – We matched SHIFT’s audience insight with market-leading advertising tech to deliver optimised digital campaigns and remarketing activity in video, social and display. A partnership programme was forged with specialist publications to create third party endorsement content, primed for search.

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YT - Find Your Young Talent

The Task/Objective – Relaunch the brand, in a way that was true to YT’s disruptive spirit, building on its heritage of defying traditional marketing convention.

Cycling Insight – Riders love the YT brand, but very few riders actually know what it stands for or the authentic, compelling story behind the name.

Our Solution – Get back to the raw essence of the brand, by celebrating ‘Young Talent’ in all its forms. In a series of inspiring short documentaries covering a variety of subjects, we encapsulated the ‘go do’ mentality of YT.

The Experience – We initially created intrigue by placing unbranded, non-MTB content right at the heart of the MTB community. This was then followed up by unveiling three inspiring stories from YT’s leading athletes, which instantly branded the campaign without branding it. This played out across specialist, social, digital, PR and influencer channels, with the campaign microsite at its heart.

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Continental - Justifying A Premium

The Task/Objective – Create global print/digital advertising creative and product packaging to differentiate Continental’s Premium and Performance tyre ranges across all markets.

Cycling Insight – A premium customer values no-compromise performance and is actively engaged with the sport; they are recreational riders that demand competition level performance.

Our Solution – A fully integrated campaign, build around the ‘Born for Champions, Handmade for You’ idea.

The Experience – Campaign will live where our audience lives, across the customer journey from specialist press, to PR and social, right through to POS and packaging.

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YT - Capra MKII Launch

The Task/Objective – To launch YT’s Capra MKII in way that would create intrigue and excitement for the new model, whilst also building on YT’s disruptive reputation.

Cycling Insight – Most bike launches follow a familiar pattern yet riders’ bike choices are often seen as extensions of their own personalities. No one wants to follow the herd.

Our Solution – Embody the personality of Capra in the shape of mysterious hero on a mission to ensure that riders everywhere appreciate the astonishing superiority of the new bike.

The Experience – We created the “Return of the Goat” short ‘horror’ film featuring riding footage of YT’s elite athletes, complete with movie posters, teasers, a trailer and unique press pack. This was all underpinned with hardworking display, search and social advertising.

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fi’zi:k - Making the LINK

The Task/Objective – Launch the first piece of fi’zi:k apparel – the LINK bib-shorts – which are designed together with the saddle for the very first time. LINK is available in three distinct cuts and chamois to match the different rider types – Snake, Bull and Chameleon, as identified by fi’zi:k’s Spine Concept EVO – to perfectly match short and saddle to the rider.

Cycling Insight – Many cyclists love fi’zi:k products but not many fully understand fi’zi:k’s Spine Concept EVO [spine flexibility and pelvic rotation are inextricably linked to saddle comfort – how flexible your spine is and by how many degrees your pelvis rotates determines which saddle and components fit you]. fi’zi:k created shorts that are designed to work with specific saddles, and those saddles are designed for certain types of riders.

Our Solution – An integrated campaign across video and digital ads, to raise awareness of saddle and bib short designed together for the very first time.

The Experience – ‘Tease’ the audience with three steps phase before the launch, then be present on many online touch points from video, PR, reviews, digital ads, social.

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